Arctic Indigenous Digital Talent Hub

The goal of the project is to build Digital Talent Hubs & Virtual Reality environments in indigenous communities in Arctic Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland and Canada.

Talent hubs elevate the young indigenous digital generation to enter the professional global media business.

The goal is to offer digital media capacity building and talents exchange programs and develop media business inside the Arctic indigenous communities. This will create new business opportunities for young indigenous talents and offer them working opportunities within digital/film projects and game industry in their own home areas.

The target group is young adults, both professional and debuting talents in Sapmi in Norway, Sweden and Finland and young Inuits in Greenland and Canada. Digital media and virtual reality workshops will be held where the mentors are digital media, VR-Virtual reality and VFZ special effects professionals from the global audio-visual industry.

Applicant: Lisa Holmberg, International Sámi Film Institute

Partners: International Sámi Film Institute Norway; Film GL Greenland; Sámi Education Institute Finland; Bauta Film Sweden.

Countries: Norway, Finland, Greenland, Sweden, Canada

Project start and expected to be finalized in 2019.

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