Arctic Marine Protected and Important Areas: Phase 2: Conducting a gap analysis and making use of new information and analytical tools

The Arctic Council has recognized that the Arctic environment needs to be protected as a basis for sustainable development, prosperity, lifestyles and human well-being (Kiruna Declaration 2013 and Iqaluit Declaration 2015). An important step towards achieving this is to advance the conservation and protection of ecosystem function and marine biodiversity, building upon existing and on-going domestic and international processes, promoting the implementation of the ecosystem approach to management, and implementing appropriate measures for their conservation (ABA 2013, AOR 2013 and AMSP 2015).

These approaches have been endorsed by the Arctic Council Ministers subsequently the Arctic Council for the 2015-17 identified Marine Protected areas as a priority issue. This proposal responds by presenting a means to increase knowledge, understanding and facilitate protection of important areas in the Arctic’s marine ecosystem. It will provide harmonized and up-to-date information on the Arctic’s marine protected & important areas; identify gaps and priorities in the Arctic’s protected areas network; present science-based suggestions for next steps; and inform and guide policy and decision making.

Based on the knowledge accrued in phase 1, the project’s second phase worked toward advancing the protection of large areas of ecologically important Arctic marine habitats, building upon existing and on-going national and international processes and implementing appropriate measures for their management.

Applicant: CAFF/PAME Secretariats

Countries: Iceland, Greenland, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Project start 2015, expected to be finalized in 2017.

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