Environment, Climate and Nature in the Arctic. Education in and from a Nordic perspective

The project is intended to make comprehensive training materials available in the Arctic regions in Greenlandic, Sámi and Faroese.

The educational material will be available on an educational platform, which is also the largest, unifying Nordic teaching platform today: nordeniskolen.org. The material focuses on two main areas: Language & Culture and Climate & Nature within the areas of Science, Social Sciences and Languages. While access to educational material will be available through a portal in the three languages, which opens up for increased cooperation between teachers and students across the Nordic region. The portal is already available in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Icelandic.

The project will also create a unique opportunity to make new educational material on the Arctic and the Danish realms history available for the Nordic schools through cooperation with Express TV, which produces six documentaries about the Danish Common Wealth history and the Arctic. This will be available through the portal, while also developing new teaching materials on this subject. Last but not least, the project provides an opportunity to gain insight into the Arctic children’s relation to climate and nature through interviews and footage carried by the award-winning Greenlandic production Anorak Film.

Comprehensive training materials have been made available in Greenlandic, Sámi and Faroese on the Nordic educational platform www.nordeniskolen.org. Also, documentaries about the history of Denmark and the Arctic are now accessible through the platform, as well as insights into Arctic children’s views on climate and nature.

Applicant: FNF, Foreningerne Nordens Forbund

Countries: Denmark, Greenland

Project start 2015, expected to be finalized in 2017.

Copyright pictures: unsplash.com