Facilitating use of Nordic plant genetic resources: Evaluating the Nordic Red Clover Collection for Arctic breeding

The main aim of this project is to increase the use of plant genetic resources by directly channelling information and seed material to plant breeders working in the Northern/Arctic region.

This is done by evaluating landraces and wild material in the Nordic collection of red clover. The focus is on agricultural traits that are important for Nordic breeders in their work to produce new well-adapted varieties for the Northern/Arctic regions’ current and future climate.

The project will result in: (1) identification and distribution of material for future pre-breeding and breeding projects aiming to adapt red clover to northern climate and future climate change, (2) cooperation among the main companies/organisations working on pre-breeding for the Northern part of the Nordic region, and (3) facilitate the long term use of the Nordic red clover collection by substantially increasing the publically available knowledge on agricultural traits.

The project identified and distributed valuable seed material for future projects aiming to adapt red clover to the changing northern climate. It has strengthened collaboration between plant breeders and other key stakeholders and built knowledge on the agricultural traits of the Nordic red clover collection. Experimental fields were established in Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway. Find more about the results here.

Applicant: The Nordic Genetic Resource Centre (NordGen)

Countries: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland

Project start 2014, expected to be finalized in 2016.

Copyright pictures: pixabay.com