Needs for restoration of Water bodies in the Barents region

This project aims to investigate the needs for restoration of water bodies in different regions of the Barents area. Water bodies which have lost their natural state due to human impact and can be improved through carefully planned restoration.

The main issue concerning the state of aquatic environments varies throughout the Barents region and the practices of restoration differ. This project also aims to share information and achieve synergy by having both the more- and less- experienced regions work together in evaluating the needs and means of restoration. This promotes the Barents area co-operation in a concrete way. During the first year of implementation, the objective is to investigate sites which would benefit from interregional and international expert help in planning and implementing restoration. Also, the means of implementation, possibilities and limits is investigated.

The project studied the benefits of joint efforts for restoration of watercourses in the Barents region, looking into issues such as the elimination of migration barriers for migratory fish and the floating of loose timber. The work is being continued in Ecological Restoration of Arctic Rivers (ReArc), a project within the KOLARCTIC CBC Programme.

Applicant: Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Lapland

Countries: Finland, Norway, Russia

Project start 2015, expected to be finalized in 2017.

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