Teaching sustainable use of energy & raw materials in an environment affected by climate change

A sustainable use of natural resources such as renewable energy and raw materials require knowledge. This project aims to make the practical aspects and knowhow accessible for those students which in school are not motivated by the theoretical aspects.

Greenlandic Innovation Center for buildings, energy, environment and raw materials (Nuutaaliorfik) in Sisimiut has good quality facilities with the opportunity to demonstrate energy conversions and how Greenlandic materials can be applied in construction work.

To facilitate the learning of students from other parts of Greenland the work will include developing educational courses for teachers and to develop, adjust and test IT based lessons for other parts of Greenland.

The initiative organised activities to strengthen knowledge about sustainable use of natural resources, including demonstrations of energy conversions and the use of Greenlandic materials in construction. It also developed and tested an IT-based distance learning programme and published the report Bæredygtighedselementer i undervisningen (only in Danish).

Applicant: Nutaaliorfik (Grønlands innovationcenter, byggeri, energy, miljø og råstoffer)

Countries: Greenland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland

Project start 2015, expected to be finalized in 2017.

Copyright pictures: Anne Sofie Bender/norden.org