Values from Waste

The “Values from wastes” project is collaboration between the Arctic areas of North Iceland, North Norway and North-West Russia, with selected representative food industries involved in each of the three areas. The aim of the project is to develop and transfer technologies for the development of innovative value-added products from by-product wastes.

The focus is on wastes derived from food production and processing activities within each participating area and based on by-product characterization and availability at each site. This will increase the value and sustainable utilization of natural resources while contributing to increased job opportunities in the Arctic.

The project published Values from waste, a report on technology transfer for development and innovation of value-added products from underutilized by-products from fish processing. In addition, it explored possible ways of utilising three specific by-products as ingredients in speciality feeds for aquaculture and other products.

Applicant: MATIS ohf / University of Akureyri

Countries: Iceland, Norway, Russia

Project start 2014, expected to be finalized in 2016.

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