Peas - a genetic resource for sustainable protein production in the Arctic

The aim of this project is to identify how genetic resources related to peas can be adapted for future breeding or immediate cultivation in the Arctic.

Partners: Pertti Pärssinen Boreal Plant Breeding Ltd Finland; Ari Rajala Luke, Crop science Finland; Ingunn M. Vågen NIBIO, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research Norway; Matti Leino Nordiska museet Sweden; Søren K. Rasmussen and Gert Poulsen Institut for Plante- og Miljøvidenskab Copenhagen University Denmark; Karolina Aloisi NordGen Sweden; Anna Palmé NordGen Sweden.

Applicant: Ulrika Carlson-Nilsson, NordGen (Nordic Genetic Resource Center)

Partners (see below the text)

Countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Project start 2018, expected to be finalized in 2019.

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