Sustainable Tourism Development in the Nordic Arctic

The project aim is to investigate ways to develop sustainable tourism in the Arctic and make Arctic economic development more sustainable. This will be done through a series of workshops in various Nordic Arctic destinations.

Skills transfer from the existing population’s human capital base and its use of marine natural resources is expected to play an essential role in achieving innovative sustainable tourism. This may range from creating local products for tourist consumption (e.g. art, foodstuffs) to providing guided leadership of tourist experiences, such as fishing or wildlife viewing.

The 2nd Workshop on Sustainable Tourism Development in the Nordic Arctic took place in Iceland on 18-22 March 2019.

Find more information about the workshop in the video below and the proceedings and analysis brochure here.

Associate Professor:
Chris Horbel, Markets, Organization and Behavior, University of Southern Denmark;
Jon Olaf Olaussen,  Business School, Trondheim, Norway;
Yajie Liu, Norwegian College of Fishery Science, UiT, Tromsoe, Norway;
Eva Narten Høberg, Hallvard Jensen, Bjørn Frantzen, Tor-Arne Bjørn and Paul Eric Aspholm, NIBIO – the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy;
Gunnar Þór Jóhannesson, Faculty of Life- and Environmental Sciences, Univ of Iceland;
Edward H. Huijbens MA, Icelandic Tourism Research Centre / University of Akureyri;
Principal PhD:
Nathan Reigner, Recreation and Tourism Science, LLC, Barre, VT;
Hans Ellefsen, Head of Section, Dept of Finance and HR Ministry of Fisheries, Faroe Islands;
MICE Marketing Manager:
Annleyg Lamhauge, Visit Faroe Islands;
PhD Researcher:
Lau Øfjord Blaxekjær, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, Denmark and Adjunct Professor, University of the Faroe Islands;
Associate Professor:
Frank Lindberg, Nord University, Bodø, Norway;
Lena Mossberg, Center for Tourism, University of Gothenburg;
Erik Lundberg and John Armbrecht, Center for Tourism, University of Gothenburg;
Associate Professor: 
Patrick Maher, Community Studies and Outdoor Leadership Cape Breton University, School of Arts and Social Sciences;
National Geographic Expert:
Susan Seubert, Photography (Polar);
Dwayne Ryan Menezes, Director, Polar Research and Policy Initiative, United Kingdom;
Ilan Kelman, Reader, Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction and Institute for Global Health, London, United Kingdom.

Applicant: Brooks A. Kaiser (University of Southern Denmark, Denmark)

Partners (see below the text)

Countries: Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Faroe Islands, United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Project start 2018, expected to be finalized in 2019.

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