Establishing user feedback and training mechanisms in the Arctic Regional Climate Centre’s Nordic Node

Information on climate change in the Arctic is an urgent issue and the project addresses this. It builds on an established network of key institutions and a developed information hub. The team, consisting of meteorological institutes from Norway, Denmark, Finland, Island and Sweden, is highly qualified in its field  and the project aims to develop and implement mechanisms in Arctic Regional Climate Centre Network (ArcRCC-N) for user engagement, feedback and training around Arctic climate services in the Nordic context, tailored to the specific needs of Nordic users.

The project will organize user meetings, create an online platform for feedback, and develop training material on using ArcRCC-N services and then  intends to integrate information from and to relevant stakeholder groups in the Arctic, e.g. Sami Council, reindeer herding organisations and local authorities.

Applicant: Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Jelmer Jeuring

Partners: Martin Stendel DMI, Halldór Björnsson IMI, Amir Mirbashiri SMHI & Johanna Ekman FMI

Countries: Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden

Project start 2020, expected to be finalized in 2022.

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