Launching the New Arctic Kitchen

The project builds on previous projects within the same area developing Arctic food, promotion of new ways of applying hunting sea-mammal resources for culinary cuisine development. It is a combined development and communication project which aims to continue the development of old traditions as well as creating a living online platform for a common Arctic food identity.

The New Arctic Kitchen has been working towards a renewed focus on local ingredients and an increased interest in local food traditions. Food is considered a carrier of culture and creator of identity while it holds the potential for new business and revenue opportunities. A stronger focus on local food traditions combined with a renewed way of processing food and eating the food will result in a more extensive use of local products and thus contribute to a more sustainable development.

The project will develop food products and recipe’s and promote them though restaurants as well as in media. Shorter films will be produced and shared on social media and articles published in magazines and papers. The project team includes practical experts (e.g. chefs from selected places) and the way the project is developed shows added value through Nordic synergy. It includes many “smaller” countries and ethnic groups while utilizing the skills developed in those areas and providing visible local and regional results with new and innovative knowledge about local food.

Partners: Inunnguaq Hegelund Chef. Owner of NiNu - arctic kitchen and representative of New Arctic Kitchen Greenland, Qaqortoq, Greenland, Poul Andrias Ziska Head chef restaurant Koks Faroe Islands, Gunnar Karl Gíslason Chef. Owner of Dill, Reykjavik Iceland, Viktor Eriksson Head chef at Silverskär, Åland, Sheila Flaherty Chef. Member of Iqaluit City Council Nunavut, Mikkel Maarbjerg Chef. Author. Food Developer. Association of World Reindeer Shepherds Norway / Sápmi

Applicant: New Arctic Kitchen, Rasmus Holm

Partners (see below the text)

Countries: Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Norway and Åland

Project start 2020, expected to be finalized in 2021.

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