Understanding ageing, gender and ethnicity: Experiences from European Arctic (AGE-Arctic)

The project was started at the Unit of Gender Studies, established by the University of Lapland. This project activities will be part of UArctic Thematic Network on Ageing and Gender in the Arctic. It is led by Professor Päivi Naskali, co-lead Dr. Shahnaj Begum. Other involved researchers are scholars from Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Russia and Canada which will collectively produce scientific and practical knowledge from workshops and field studies.

The purpose of the AGE-Arctic project is to explore ageing, gender and ethnicity through the lens of equality and social justice. The concrete tasks for the project are:

  • How equality and social justice regarding elderly well-being can be understood from the perspective of the Nordic periphery?
  • What are the risks that challenge equality and social justice especially in terms of age, gender and ethnicity?
  • How are the local people involved in negotiating their living conditions?
  • How do the political and scholarly discussions in the North conceptualize equality & social justice?

The produced scientific and practical knowledge from the planned workshops and field studies will be of used for developing strategies, promoting agendas for regulations and raising awareness among wider audiences as well.

Applicant: Päivi Naskali, University of Lapland

Partners: Eva-Maria Svenson University of Gothenburg, Marjaana Seppänen University of Helsinki, Joan Harbison Dalhousie University and Michael Sheenan Swansea university

Countries: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Iceland, Denmark and Canada

Project start 2020, expected to be finalized in 2023.

Copyright pictures: unsplash.com