Implementation of SDGs in the Nordic Arctic

The aim of the project is to generate knowledge on the local experiences with the implementation of the sustainable development goals (SDG) in the Nordic Arctic. The project is led by NORCE (The Norwegian Research Centre) but has a strong stakeholder involvement and is to base its knowledge on local experiences with implementing the SDGs.

This project has been initiated by the Centre for Arctic Sustainable Societies (CASS) at NORCE Norwegian Research Centre. CASS long-term goal is to establish a circumpolar research platform and network to study sustainable development issues in the Arctic.

The project management will organise three stakeholder workshops and will try to create a collaborative network among Nordic stakeholders and research institutions to develop further knowledge about sustainable development in the Nordic Arctic. Three policy briefs will be developed from the three stakeholder workshops.

Applicant: ORCE, May-Britt Ellingsen

Partners: Arctic Centre for Arctic Studies, Institute of International Affairs

Countries: Finland, Iceland, Norway

Project start 2020, expected to be finalized in 2021.

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