Natural Hazards and Tourism

This project has been initiated by Asiaq and aims to educate tourists about the natural hazards encountered in Greenland and the wider Arctic. Greenland has many natural hazards but unlike other North countries has limited search and rescue capacity therefore preventing incidents through education is a key element. The project is a collaborative project included Nordic partners from Greenland, Iceland and Norway and it draws on the experiences of other Arctic nations.

The project aims at establishing a way to communicate about natural hazards in the Arctic, especially to tourists. The main objectives are
1. distribute information about natural hazards in Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Svalbard
2. make an assessment of a long-term approach for natural hazard information distribution, preparedness and risk management in Arctic countries
3. strengthen Arctic collaboration and knowledge sharing
4. educate and inform tourists and local communities about natural hazards in Greenlan
5. provide relatable, visual and informative information on how to prepare for being in the Greenlandic environment.

Applicant: ASIAQ Greenland Survey, Alexandra Messerli

Partners: Visit Greenland, IMO- Icelandic Met. Office, ST- Safe Travel/ Icelandic Search and Rescue, NVE- Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate

Countries: Greenland, Norway, Iceland

Project start 2020, expected to be finalized in 2021.

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