Nordic Arctic Co-operation Programme

For over twenty years the Nordic Council of Ministers Arctic Co-operation Programme has contributed to enhancing knowledge about the Arctic region. The current Nordic Arctic Co-operation Programme 2018-2021 is focused on four overall areas: People, Planet and Prosperity as well as Partnerships as a cross-cutting theme. The programme is administered by Nordregio, with one round of applications per programme years.

Nordregio would like to inform the applicants for the Arctic Cooperation Programme 2020 that the final decisions regarding project funding have been delayed. The whole evaluation and decision process has not been able to be carried out as usual due to the current situation with covid 19.

We regret this but hope everyone effected shows understanding for the situation. Nordregio expects to be able to finalize the process and let applicants know soon.

If you have other questions you can always contact Nordregio at

The next application call will be open at the end of 2020

The applicants from 2020 call round will be informed about the results soon.


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The purpose of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Arctic Co-operation Programme 2018–2021 is to create sustainable and constructive development in the Arctic and for its people based on the four P’s: planet, peoples, prosperity and partnerships.