Energy shift in Icelandic harbours

In order to strengthen electrical infrastructure in the ports of Iceland, public/governmental efforts were proposed. The proposal pointed out an increasing utilization of existing electrical infrastructure for ships in port, launching their further development and supporting the use of other environmentally friendly energy sources in maritime-related activities

After measuring the actual electrical connections to ships in the ports of Iceland, recommendations have been collected for further development of the necessary infrastructure. The main goal was to fully complete the electrification of the harbours. To reach the goal, an assessment of the current situation was conducted in 2017.

The proposal also discussed the societal benefits of ships' land connections with port electricity and important governmental opportunities to introduce eco-friendly technologies into their sea-related operations.

In May 2017, a parliamentary resolution was passed on the energy exchange action plan aimed at reducing the use of fossil fuels and increasing the share of renewable energy sources. The exchange of energy credits entailed energy savings, increased energy security, foreign exchange savings, less greenhouse gas emissions and less local pollution.

Keywords: electrification, electric harbour, harbour infrastructure, ships, maritime activities, Iceland