Possibility of charging electric cars in Nuuk, Greenland

The government of Greenland sees that the central problem with owning electric cars in Greenland is the lack of access to charging facilities for people living in apartment buildings. As more than 70 % of the housing stock in Nuukconsists of apartment buildings, many people do not find it sensible to own an electric car.

In 2016, the public energy supply company “Nukissiorfiit” and the government Naalakkersuisut started a pilot project to test charging stations for electric cars with energy from the local hydropower plant in Nuuk.

In the project, charging stations were installed by three apartment buildings, and one quick charging station was put up in a public area of the city. Ideally this pilot project would compensate this deficiency by little and at the same time measure the effects of such implementation in a longer-term.

Keywords: electric mobility, charging station, transportation, hydropower, Nuuk, Greenland