An energy development collaboration in Fur, Denmark

“Innovation Fur” is a public-private initiative on the island of Fur, located in the Limfjord. Collaboration between citizens of Fur, Skive municipality and the energy company “EnergiMidt” started in 2011 with the aim of making Fur a little sustainable energy laboratory.

The island is home to approximately 800 inhabitants. And in order to have a sustainable energy system, society is ready to try out different initiatives.

The overarching idea of the project “Innovation Fur” was to make Fur a small-scale model of the sustainable energy system of the future. The main aim is to make fluctuating energy sources capable to make up a larger share of the energy supply. To control this supply, “Innovation Fur” has tested a “Smart Grid” solution.

In the development project, the citizens on Fur received a grant on up to 80% on solar cells and geothermal systems through their participation in testing the “Smart Grid”. The project has received 4.5 million DKK funding from the Danish fund “Energinet”.

“Innovation Fur” has also participated in several EU projects: “GreenCom” (2012-2016), where five households tested a solar cell and battery storage system in Fur, MATCH, related to testing smart energy systems, and “Storage4Grid”, developing energy storage systems.

“Innovation Fur” is represented by “Eniig Forsyning AS” and received approximately 500.000 euro.

Keywords: smart grid, energy systems, solar cells, geothermal energy, Fur, Denmark