Initiatives for renewable energy on Langeland, Denmark

The South Funen archipelago in Denmark becomes more and more climate-friendly by involving different renewable energy initiatives into the societies’ life. One of the initiatives is the possibility of charging electrical cars on the island of Langeland since October 2018.

The project has resulted in five public charging stations scattered across the island. All that energy comes from the local windmills. The initiator of the project was the local energy fund “Fonden Langelands elforsyning”. The project was carried out with the two partners: a non-profit organization “Go2Green” and the business supplier “Sperto” who is responsible for operating the chargers.

There are solar panels installed on the Langeland as well. So, the island exports a lot of produced wind and solar energy. Langeland is connected to the mainland by a bridge and a cable through which the excess energy from solar panels and windmills are exported. Furthermore, many private households have installed solar panels, ground heating, and smaller wind-mills.

Keywords: electric mobility, wind power, infrastructure, Langeland, Denmark