Small energy islands in Denmark

Three small Danish islands Tunø, Fejø, and Anholt have developed a sustainable energy strategy. By moving to climate-friendly energy infrastructure, the islands hope to receive the benefit from a “green” branding which could attract investment.  

Project “IRDA Energy” is the transnational cooperation project between Denmark and Ireland that ran 2010-2012. The "Local Action Group" for the small Danish Islands LAG "Småøerne" and the Irish LAG "Comhar na n'Oileán" have collaborated in the project.

The three Danish islands have 840 inhabitants altogether and are only accessible by ferry. “IRDA Energy” was about to address common issues to islanders to focused on developing an energy strategy for the islands.

Training, expert guidance, and workshops were organized for the islanders to share experience and knowledge. These helped participants to cooperate with each other and develop a sustainable energy strategy and to plan and schedule the implementation stages.

The project total cost was 165 000 euros. That was mostly provided by EAFRD (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development) and partly by national contribution.

Keywords: training, cooperation, energy plan, energy strategy, Tunø, Fejø, Anholt , Denmark