Citizen-driven initiative on the island of Fejø in Denmark

Faced by global challenges like climate change and a coming oil crisis, a group of local citizens on the island of Fejø have decided to take an initiative into their own hands and lead the island to the self-sufficient energy way. In 2008, the association “Fejø Omstilling” (Fejø Transition) has been created.

The goal of the association is to make Fejø a sustainable and self-sufficient community by implementing permaculture and practical ecology on the island, e.g. farming based on creative design principles and whole-systems thinking. It came from patterns observed in natural ecosystems.

Within the project, the largest permaculture related project which succeeded is the Healing Garden. Different small-scale energy production initiatives have also taken place. So, the solar cells on local households and heat-pumps have been installed on the island as well.

Keywords: farming, permaculture, energy production, self-sufficiency, Fejø, Denmark