“Future islands” project in Sweden

A pilot project “Future Islands” aims to establish a test island in Sweden where houses are built with “IsoTimber”, with their own energy source for electricity and warm water along with a modern drainage system. In this way, the island can be sustainable and independent regarding energy and waste transport.

“Skärgardarnas Riksforbund” environmental group is leading the project. They are hoping to find a suitable test island and the right people to turn this experiment into reality. Contracts and connections have been made with timber providers, who make “IsoTimber” that does not demand extra isolation, and with solar panel providers, manufactures of a wood pallet driven machine that can produce both electricity and heat for single houses as well as modern independent drain systems.

“Skärgardarnas Riksforbund” has not been able to find a partner that is willing to participate “from scratch” in this project, meaning that a new house is built with everything listed before installed. But they have received a lot in interest in certain aspects of the project and helped people getting in contact with the right providers to do limited changes to already existing structures and even new ones.

One of the main obstacles is that the starting cost for an individual to build a house completely in accordance with the “Future Islands” vision is a high starting cost. However, “Skärgardarnas Riksforbund” is still hopeful that they will be able to get partners for the project since their plan for the building will pay off in a matter of a few years in saved energy costs.

Keywords: solar panels, Future Islands, Sweden