Hydrogen facility on the island of Myken in Norway

The citizens of Myken seek to open a hydrogen facility where the energy from wind and solar would be stored as hydrogen. The current sea cable, that delivers energy to the island, is very old and needs to be changed. Therefore, the islanders are looking for a better solution.

The island Myken is located off the coast of Helgeland in Mid-Norway. It is home to 10 permanent citizens. The community is working on the project with the research institute SINTEF, that have worked with a similar hydrogen facility on the Froan islands in the EU project REMOTE.

By becoming self-sufficient, their biggest hope is to reduce the vulnerability of the residents and local businesses, however, turning to green energy is also among their viewpoints. SINTEF researchers have calculated that energy costs will be lower using hydrogen production than for fossil fuel or submarine cable options, due to the possibility of energy storage for longer periods.

Keywords: energy storage, hydrogen facility, solar energy, wind energy, Myken, Norway