Ven, Visingsö and Vinön islands on the way to cleaner future, Sweden

The three Swedish islands Ven, Visingsö and Vinön have a goal to map their energy consumption, describe how the energy is supplied, produced, and plan alternative solutions. These islands have participated in a European energy project in 2013-2015 with a total of 15 islands from Italy, France, Ireland, Åland, Finland. There was a mix of islanders, entrepreneurs, politicians, and officials participating in the exercise.

The project calculated the islands' technical population. That is, how many personal days that affect the island's land, sea, air, roads, water pipes, sewerage systems, electricity networks, health care, broadband, mail delivery, rescue services, transport systems and more.

The calculations showed that the islands in question are well over the average power consumption of Sweden. The high numbers were shown to mainly drive from transport because of travel across the water to and from the islands.

The project was described by participants as educational and revealing in the sense that islanders got better aware of their consumption, especially because of ferry transport and the number of cars transported over the water.

After the project the islands showed interest in making certain changes, however many of them are small and part of bigger municipalities and therefore change is not so easy to come about.

Keywords: energy consumption, Ven, Visingsö, Vinön, Sweden