Conference for Digital Inclusion in the Nordic-Baltic Region!

20 Mar, 2024|

During two half days, 14-15 May 2024, it is finally time for the “Digital Inclusion in the Nordic-Baltic Region – The Conference” where we will deep dive into the development in the Nordic and Baltic Region. What is the current status of digital inclusion policies, or the rollout of eID and what role does civil society play? This is much more is on the agenda when policymakers, practitioners, civil society, and academia gather in Stockholm. 

We will showcase the outcomes of two years of research, highlighting the unique challenges and solutions specific to the Nordic-Baltic Region. As this event aims to foster collaboration, dialogue, and knowledge exchange – we need you in the room with us!

During the two days two reports, two studies and two new tools will be launched! 

Tuesday, 14th of May 

The first day of the conference will tackle the question of “What characterises digital inclusion in the Nordic/Baltic region?” and “What can we do to reduce digital exclusion in the Nordic/Baltic region?”. Topics include discussions on the evolution of the political landscape concerning digital inclusion post Covid-19 in the Nordic and Baltic region, the status of digitalisation of the public sector, barriers and solutions of E-id roll out in the Nordic and Baltic region, the pivotal role of civil society actors in ensuring digital participation across all societal groups and, lastly, how can the political level work together with the civil society level. 

Wednesday, 15th of May 

The second day of the conference dive into the questions of “How will digital inclusion/exclusion develop in the future in the Nordic/Baltic region?” and “What are the future steps that needs to be taken?”.  Topics include talks on the future skills and capabilities required for achieving digital inclusion and the future role of adult learning in digital inclusion, discussions on how to improve and future proof strategies for monitoring and evaluating digital inclusion in the Nordic and Baltic region, and digital inclusion in the era of industry 4.0. 

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