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The Nordic-Baltic DigiHub is a shared website for the projects “Digital inclusion in action” and “The Nordic-Baltic 5G monitoring tool”. The projects are run by Nordregio and funded by The Nordic Council of Ministers.

The Nordic-Baltic DigiHub is a shared platform that showcases the projects “Digital inclusion in action” and “The Nordic-Baltic 5G monitoring tool” funded by The Nordic Council of Ministers and run by Nordregio.

The Nordic and Baltic countries are among the most digitalised and innovative in the world and all Nordic governments have ambitious strategies for the next phase of digital development. To leverage our competitive advantage, the ambition is for the region to continue its digital integration.

While many successful projects, use cases and trials are already taking place in the Nordic-Baltic region within these priority areas, access to information is difficult to get and is scattered over several means of dissemination.  

How are Nordic and Baltic countries addressing emerging digital technologies? What does the 5G activity landscape look like? How is 5G strengthening business competitiveness? What is the environmental impact of the digital transformation? What are the main challenges? What are the benefits for societies and what are the limitations? Who is being left behind? How can we align technological innovation with society’s needs? How to foster a green and just digital transition? 

We identified a need to showcase more of what is being done when addressing these questions, in a common platform, to enable existing knowledge to be shared and to become more accessible. With these considerations in mind, the Nordic-Baltic Digital Hub was initiated.

The hub aims to promote collaboration, digital integration, and sustainable development in the region by sharing knowledge, tools, research, and facilitating exchanges among stakeholders. It focuses on addressing key questions related to emerging digital technologies, environmental impact, societal challenges, and aligning innovation with societal needs.

The goal is to support a green, competitive, and socially sustainable digital transformation in the Nordic and Baltic countries, in line with their vision of becoming the most integrated and sustainable region in the world by 2030.

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