5G for smart societies: Health sector

06 Feb, 2023| 2023

The first 5G matchmaking event of the year takes place on 28 February, at 14-15.30 CET. We focus on smart societies and the health sector through inspiring examples: healthcare in sparsely populated areas, surgery conducted remotely, and cancer screening with the help of 5G technology. There will also be a chance to discuss and share ideas and concerns with other participants.

Different sectors and industries are deeply impacted by digital transformation and 5G can be seen as an extraordinary opportunity for innovation in healthcare. AI, IoT, telesurgery, augmented reality, and other innovations have the potential to boost the competitiveness of the sector at a global level as well as address several challenges that the Nordic and Baltic health service providers and policymakers are facing nowadays, namely providing universal, equitable, sustainable healthcare services.

To get inspired, share ideas and promote collaboration, we invite you to participate in Nordregio’s first matchmaking event on 28 February, “5G for Smart societies – discussing the health sector”.