Introducing the 5G DATA HUB: customized insights for every stakeholder

09 Oct, 2023|

In the rapidly evolving 5G landscape, staying informed and making data-driven decisions are crucial. The 5G Data Hub steps in as a comprehensive and customizable tool, designed to equip various stakeholders with vital data and insights.

The 5G Data Hub presents relevant data and metrics, tailored to the unique needs and priorities of different actors in the field of 5G/6G. Whether it’s exploring innovation landscapes for policymakers, aiding industry representatives in strategic planning, empowering regulators with analytics, or helping local officials in strategizing regional 5G rollout, the 5G DATA HUB stands as a cornerstone for advancing 5G initiatives.

National Policymakers:

The 5G Data Hub offers a comprehensive overview of the region’s 5G landscape and the monitoring of 5G coverage at various urbanisation levels. Policymakers can explore the 5G innovation landscape across sectors and derive data to make informed economic policy decisions. The tool also provides insights into the Nordic and Baltic states’ 5G rollout status, challenges, and strengths.

Industry Representatives:

For those in the industry, the tool acts as a strategic guide, providing a visual map of 5G coverage, insights into diverse applications, descriptions of 5G testbeds, and updates on technological trends. It allows users to suggest new use cases, compare 5G activities across countries, and gain insights on competitive dynamics, thus aiding in strategic decision-making.


The hub visualizes 5G coverage and offers country analytics. It empowers regulators with insights into emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities, enabling them to refine policies and make informed decisions based on accurate and comparable data.

Local Government Officials:

Local officials are equipped with coverage mapping at a municipality level and updates on national 5G rollout processes. The tool provides data on applications and testbeds taking place in the regions helping officials devise coordinated 5G strategies and address connectivity needs in different regions.

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