Nordic Economic Policy Review

Nordic Economic Policy Review (NEPR) aims to convey policy-relevant, up-to-date research on different economic issues. The review produces one issue yearly, each time with a new topic and researchers. NEPR strives to make the latest economic research accessible to decision-makers and a broader audience, as well as to contribute to Nordic knowledge exchange on economic policy issues and challenges.

The first edition was published in 2010 and looked at the fiscal consequences of the financial crisis. Since then, topics such as the housing market, the Nordic welfare model, income inequality, labour market integration, and many more have been presented.

Each editor runs the review for three years, and previous editors include prominent researchers such as Lars Calmfors and Torben Andersen. The current editor, Harry Flam, was previously the Chair of the Swedish Fiscal Policy Council.

NEPR gets its funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers for Finance through the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Finance (EK-FINANS). Nordregio acts as an administrative body and project coordinator since 2015.

Besides the review, the project has two annual events: A peer-review conference in the autumn when the draft articles are presented and discussed and a more policy-oriented launch event during the spring.