Members of the Thematic Group

The Nordic Thematic Group on Sustainable Rural Development consists of members from all the Nordic countries and autonomous regions. Nordregio's researchers cooperate with national, regional and cross-border representatives in order to achieve a better understanding of Nordic rural areas and the people living there to provide holistic understanding and results to policymakers at the Nordic, national and regional levels.

Countries and self-governing territories

Patrik Johansson (Chair)

The Ministry of Industry, Sweden

Sigurður Árnason (Vice-Chair)

Icelandic Regional Development Institute, Iceland

Erik Fransson

The Growth Agency, Sweden

Benedikte Akre

Ministry of Municipalities and Modernization, Regional Policy Department, Norway

Jon Beldo

Ministry of Municipalities and Modernization, Planning Department, Norway

Camilla Nissen

The Danish Business Authority, Denmark

Leena Anttila

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland

Per Lyster Pedersen

Ministry of Finance & Asiaq Greenland Survey, Greenland

Kenth Häggblom

Statistics and Research Åland (ÅSUB), Åland

Katarina Fellman (Substitute)

Statistics and Research Åland (ÅSUB), Åland

Hilmar Høgenni

Faroe Islands

Hanna-Mari Kuhmonen

Ministry of Economy Affairs and Employment, Finland

Regional representatives

Håkan Wiklund

County Administrative Board, Sweden

Páll Snævar Brynjarsson

Association of Municipalities in the Westland Area, Iceland

Torunn Kornstad

Hedmark County Municipality, Norway

Ann-Sofi Backgren

Svenska byaservice, Finland

Anders Stryhn

Tourism and Rural Development, Jammerbugt, Denmark

Representatives from the cross-border committees

Rune Hoff

Border Committee Hedmark/Innlandet – Dalarna, Sweden

Paula Mikkola

The Northern Calotte Council, Finland

Jákup Sørense

North Atlantic Cooperation (NORA), Faroe Islands


Pipsa Salolammi

Senior Communications Advisor, Nordregio, Sweden

Anna Karlsdóttir

Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio, Sweden

Ágúst Bogason

Research Fellow, Nordregio, Sweden