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Public service delivery in the Nordic Region

Nordic welfare states are world renowned for providing high quality public services. Regional and municipal authorities play a central role in the delivery of key public services within Nordic states in areas including social and elderly care or education. The Nordic Region is recognised for high levels of cooperation and interaction between stakeholders both within and between different regions and across borders.

Read the full report on collaborative governance in public service delivery and a short policy brief with recommendations here.

The report investigates six good practice examples of public service delivery collaborations from across all Nordic countries. Cases cover both local community initiatives, as well as inter-municipal, inter-regional and cross-border collaborations. Thematically, the case studies cover key areas of public service provision, including healthcare, welfare/social care, education and transport. Each case provides an overview of the main geographic and thematic focus on the collaboration before examining the key drivers of collaboration, the stakeholders involved, and the main challenges and enablers of collaboration.