The wood construction sector and technologies are developing at a fast pace and gaining ground in the construction market. With the climate goals, wood construction has been put in the spotlight as one of the key ways to cut carbon emissions, which gives sufficient reason to expect considerable developments in the industry over the coming years. Upgrading education curricula and skills on the labour market is pivotal. This changing demand needs to be met by education institutions with traditional Batchelor’s and Master's degrees in construction and architecture, as well as other programmes offering vocational and professional courses relevant to wood construction.

In Russia, companies are required to upgrade their skills every 5 years. This provides an opportunity for educational institutions to offer to the new students and potentially companies, handy and attractive solutions for upgrading skills through academic, vocational, and adult education.

Together, partners, such as universities and research institutes, aim at influencing skills development in both Northwest Russia and Nordics and bridging knowledge and possibilities across these regions.

This will be achieved by 1) mapping of existing skills, knowledge gaps and opportunities in the educational programs and curricula in relation to industries’ demands in the region; 2) exchanging learnings and practices across Nordics-Russia; and 3) exploring and potentially establishing concrete collaboration between education institutions and stakeholders.

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