Members of the Thematic Group

The Nordic Thematic Group on Green, Innovative and Resilient Regions consists of members from all the Nordic countries and autonomous regions. Together with Nordregio's researchers, group members contribute to achieving a better understanding of innovative and resilient regions and people living here as well as provide useful knowledge to decision-makers at national and regional levels.

Countries and self-governing territories


Daniel Ravn Paaske Jakobsen

Danish Business Authority

Susanne Nors

Business Region MidtVest


Johanna Dahl

The Regional Council of Ostrobothnia

Laura Peuhkuri

Regional Council of South Karelia

Petra Stenfors (Vice-Chair)

Ministry of Employment and the Economy


Morten Hørkild Sten

The Department of National Planning in the Ministry of Finance


Elín Gróa Karlsdóttir

Icelandic Tourist Board

Sunna Þórðardóttir

The Ministry of Culture and Commerce


Olav Mydland

Regional Political Department at Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Norway

Bente Boye Lund

Regional Political Department at Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation of Norway

Sissel Strickert

Agder County Municipality


Märta Molin

Västernorrland Region

Örjan Hag

The Unit for Regional Growth and Rural Development at the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation


Katarina Fellman (Chair)

Statistics and Research Åland

Representatives from the cross-border committees

Cecilia Nilsson

Committee of Svinesund

Hans-Peter Carlson


Kate Plaskonis

Greater Copenhagen

Lena Søderholm


Members who participated in the Nordic Thematic Group for Innovative and Resilient Regions in 2017-2020

Anders Olsson, Region of Värmland, Sweden
Birgitte Wohl Sem (Chair), Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, Norway
Eigil Carner Nielsen, The Ministry of Finance and Internal Revenue, Greenland
Elín Gróa Karlsdóttir, Innovation Center, Iceland
Elsie Hellström, Committee of Svinesund, Sweden
Gert Elstrøm Kristoffersen, Danish Business Authority, Denmark
Hanne Østerdal, Nordland County Council, Norway
Heikki Aalto, Bothnian Arc, Sweden
Jerker Johnson, The Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, Finland
Jouko Kinnunen, Statistics and Research Åland, Åland
Mikko Huuskonen (Vice-chair), Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Finland
Per Lyster Pedersen, Government of Greenland
Sigríður Valgeirsdóttir, Ministry of Industries and Innovation, Iceland
Søren Møller Christensen, Municipality of Bornholm Region, Denmark
Örjan Hag, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Sweden