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Webinar 9 April 2024 - The Nordic View on Sustainability – lessons and practices

The “Nordic VSR” is based on a recent survey sent to all Nordic municipalities and regions. During the webinar, we presented preliminary results and recommendations from the Nordic VSR, followed by comments and discussion with key stakeholders, including Nordic municipalities, youth networks and civil society. In July, Nordregio together with Nordic Local and Regional Government Associations will present it to a global audience at the UN High Level Political Forum in New York. We will share Nordic learnings and show the world that the local level is leading the way.

Webinar 19 June 2023 - From vision to action: Agenda 2030 in rural municipalities

How can rural municipalities integrate sustainability in their day-to-day work and what are the main benefits for the local community? Together with invited municipalities, Distriktssenteret (Norway), Hela Sverige ska Leva (X-ing Gävleborg), and the audience, we will discuss challenges, and concrete methods to develop a holistic approach to sustainability work.

Rural municipalities in the Nordic countries share demographic and socio-economic challenges, as well as untapped potential – why not share experiences too? We welcome you to co-create this learning session, whether you work in community development, planning, or policy-making! Through Q&A and breakout rooms, you can share your thoughts, best practices, and experiences with Nordic frontrunners. 

Webinar 26 April 2023 - Empowering youth for more sustainable communities

Youth engagement has become a priority issue for local decision-makers who strive to create more sustainable, inclusive, and vibrant communities, in line with the global Agenda 2030.

But how can municipalities reach and engage youth? How can youth have real influence over decisions that concern them? How do you set expectations right and follow up in an inclusive way?

Workshop and matchmaking

On 13-14 October, Nordic municipalities and organisations joined Nordregio for a two-day event of peer-to-peer workshops and matchmaking sessions. Together, the representatives joined forces to establish roadmaps for different SDG partnerships over the next six months. Some municipalities will test different stakeholder engagement methods together and share best practices, others will dive into municipal processes and how to improve information-based decision-making processes at the administration level and councils. If you are interested in learning more or joining the process, contact the Project Manager: Åsa Ström Hildestrand

Webinar series

Between February and March 2022, Nordregio's organised a Localising Agenda 2030 webinar series
This webinar series welcomed local officials and civil society networks across the Nordics that work actively with the SDGs. Speakers from Nordic municipalities shared their tested tools, methods, and experiences working with the SDGs - in leadership & steering, indicator development, and sustainable public procurement. The aim was to strengthen linkages and collaboration across Nordic municipalities and inspire further learning and action towards the 2030 goals. Watch recordings from all webinars here:

3 February 2022: Steering towards a sustainable future: How to integrate SDGs and navigate goal conflicts at the local level (click to watch the recording)

16 February 2022: What’s in a Voluntary Local Review?: Developing meaningful indicators to measure local SDG progress (click to watch)

2 March 2022: The missing multiplier: How to use public procurement for more sustainable Nordic municipalities? (click to watch)

From December 2020 through February 2021, Nordregio organised a knowledge-exchange webinar series for those working with sustainability issues and SDGs in Nordic municipalities and regions. The series consisted of six thematic sessions on implementing and monitoring select SDGs: from climate and gender to digitalisation and sustainable consumption.
The entire series of Agenda 2030 webinar series can be found on the Nordregio Youtube channel.


Since 2018, Nordregio has published several reports on Agenda 2030. Find them below.

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