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Matchmaking workshop October 2022

Nordic matchmaking activities coming up in October: Share your knowledge and learn from others!
When: 13-14 October
Where: Stockholm
For Whom: Nordic Municipalities, regions, planners and practitioners
More information and registration, click here!

Webinar series

Between February and March 2022, Nordregio's organised a Localising Agenda 2030 webinar series
This webinar series welcomed local officials and civil society networks across the Nordics that work actively with the SDGs. Speakers from Nordic municipalities shared their tested tools, methods, and experiences working with the SDGs - in leadership & steering, indicator development, and sustainable public procurement. The aim was to strengthen linkages and collaboration across Nordic municipalities and inspire further learning and action towards the 2030 goals. Watch recordings from all webinars here:

3 February 2022: Steering towards a sustainable future: How to integrate SDGs and navigate goal conflicts at the local level (click to watch the recording)

16 February 2022: What’s in a Voluntary Local Review?: Developing meaningful indicators to measure local SDG progress (click to watch)

2 March 2022: The missing multiplier: How to use public procurement for more sustainable Nordic municipalities? (click to watch)

From December 2020 through February 2021, Nordregio organised a knowledge-exchange webinar series for those working with sustainability issues and SDGs in Nordic municipalities and regions. The series consisted of six thematic sessions on implementing and monitoring select SDGs: from climate and gender to digitalisation and sustainable consumption.
The entire series of Agenda 2030 webinar series can be found on the Nordregio Youtube channel.


Since 2018, Nordregio has published several reports on Agenda 2030. Find them below.

Nordic Council of Ministers' publications