5G for smart societies: Transport and mobility

03 Apr, 2023| 2023

The second 5G matchmaking event takes place on the 20th of April, at 14-15.30 CET. We focus on smart societies and the transport and mobility sector through inspiring examples: cross-border mobility and automation in logistics. 

5G enables a more connected transport sector

Effective transport and mobility are essential in building smarter societies. 5G has significant potential to revolutionize how we travel and transport goods. 5G connectivity enables connected and autonomous vehicles and can improve logistics efficiency. 5G can also make roads safer and more environmentally friendly while saving costs. 

Our keynote speakers:

Anna Schieben, 5G Living Lab Consortium Leader at Institute of Transportation Systems, German Aerospace Centre (DLR): Mobility Use Cases of the 5G Living Lab in the Mobility Region Braunschweig-Wolfsburg

Elina Lidere, 5G Innovation Lead at Latvijas Mobilais Telefons SIA: 5G Routes: Testbed for Cross-border Mobility in Europe

Petri Kalske, Head of Industrial Solutions at Unikie: Data Driven Optimization and Automation in Ports & Logistics

Breakout Rooms:
Breakout Room 1: Mobility in Smart Cities
Breakout Room 2: Automation in the Maritime Industry
Breakout Room 3: Drones in the Mobility and Transport Vertical