Participating cities, regions, and authorities:

DenmarkCycle Superhighways of the Capital Region
DenmarkCycle Superhighways of the Central Region
DenmarkCity of Copenhagen
FinlandHelsinki Region Transport HSL
FinlandHelsinki Municipality
IcelandIcelandic Road and Coast Management Agency (Vegagerðin)
IcelandCity of Reykjavík
NorwayOslo Municipality
SwedenRegion Stockholm
SwedenRegion Skåne
SwedenStockholms stad
ÅlandMarihamns stad
ÅlandDepartment of Infrastructure, Government of Åland

Participating cities and regions contribute to knowledge-sharing discussions, connect with other municipalities and regions, ask questions, and share their experiences and expertise with one another.

By joining the Nordic Cycle Power Network, we expect these cities and regions to gain new insights and tools that can encourage and improve their own cycling strategies.

By building connections with other municipalities/regions, we expect that participants will form deeper connections across countries that lead to improving cycling in the Nordic Region as a whole, learning from one another’s successes and failures, encouraging one another, and opening doors for future collaboration.

We hope that the network will enable municipalities/regions to develop policies, strategies, and infrastructure that encourage more residents in the Nordics to choose cycling over the private car, with the ultimate goal of decreasing carbon emissions from land-based transport.