The Nordic Cycle Power Network will come together for several knowledge-sharing workshops and one study visit during the autumn 2023—spring 2024 time period.

The thematic focus and structure of the workshops are designed based on the needs and interests of the cycling network participants.

Workshop #1 – 29 August 2023 – How to politically prioritize cycling

In this inaugural workshop, we will share knowledge and insights among participants on how to raise the political profile of cycling so that it becomes a fully-fledged mode of transport, evidenced by allocation of resources, budget, planning and personnel time, long-term strategic planning, and implementation of pro-cycling measures.

Workshop #2 – October 2023: Collecting data for cycling

The aim of this workshop is to share knowledge and insights on how to use data to increase the modal share of cycling in cities. Collecting good data is crucial for knowing more about current mobility patterns and where people currently cycle, and for knowing how more space can be made for a growing number of cyclists. Cities that harness the power of data undertake regular data collection on established indicators that can enable year-on-year comparisons, which then inform technical and political decision-making

Workshop #3 – December 2023: Cycling and multimodality

In this workshop, we discuss how to integrate cycling with public transport systems to provide great multimodal options for users. When combined with public transport, cycling is a powerful way to encourage people to take fewer car trips and use sustainable and active mobility for longer distances.  Cities that have great multimodal networks and benefit from a lower modal share of motorised transport can use the freed up road space for nice public projects and space reallocation for sustainable transport modes.

Workshop #4 + Stockholm study visit, 21-22 March 2024: Winter cycling maintenance

More information coming soon.