Education for Sustainable Development

25 May, 2023|

The goal of this project is that sustainable development becomes an integral part of all education, for every age, from preschool to adult learning. All pupils and students shall acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for the enhancements of sustainable development, e.g., through education for sustainable lifestyles, human rights, equal opportunities, a culture of peace and global citizenship as well as the appreciation of cultural diversity and cultures’ contribution to sustainable development.

The target group is teachers in all levels of education in the whole Nordic Region, the five Nordic countries and the three autonomous areas. A focus has also been on integrating this subject into the curriculum for teachers’ education and defining ways to create professional development resources for teachers already working. Young people are also encouraged to have a voice on the matter and a platform created for their involvement in the project.

One of the main objectives of the project is to develop a cooperation network in the Nordic Region between educational authorities, institutions that offer teacher education and continuous education, teachers’ unions, students’ unions, the Nordic Network for Adult Learning (NVL), other experts in the field as well as people of all ages that care about the issue. The intention is that this group of experts should find ways to gradually integrate teaching of sustainability in all stages of education and to identify what kind of pedagogical solutions work best for these types of complex questions. Another important question that this project is supposed to address is what role can schools and universities play to reach the necessary changes for a sustainable lifestyle being reached within the Nordic countries.

The project is coordinated by The Icelandic Centre for Research, situated in Reykjavík, Iceland. The working expert group of the project has representatives from all countries and autonomous areas of the Nordic Region.

Project partner:
Nordic network for adult learning promotes lifelong learning by focusing on cross-sectoral cooperation. The task of the network is to deepen Nordic competence and foster mutual learning.


Eydís Inga Valsdóttir, Project Manager at The Icelandic Centre for Research,

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