Through the Sustainable Living programme, we seek to develop practical guidelines and tools for policy implementation and inspire to the necessary behavioral and cultural changes. In our quest to make sustainable living in the Nordic Region easier, we are building a body of knowledge – presented on this page. Access publications by the partners of the Sustainable Living programme by following the links below.

Climate, gender, and consumption

A research review by NIKK, 2022

Climate, Gender and Consumption: a research overview of gender perspectives on sustainable lifestyles

Education for sustainable development

Mapping Education for Sustainability in the Nordic Countries

A report by Nordic Council of Ministers, 2021

A list of other connected publications can be found here.

Towards sustainable consumption in the Nordic Region

Report by Swedish Environmental Institute for the Nordic Council of Ministers, 2021

Towards sustainable consumption in the Nordic Region

NORDEN – A sustainable and integrated region? Baseline for Our vision 2030

A report by Rambøll Management, 2022

NORDEN – EN BÆREDYGTIG OG INTEGRERET REGION? Baseline rapport for Vores vision 2030