Gender and sustainability

25 May, 2023|

The aim of the project is to take a closer look at differences in the lifestyles and consumption habits of women and men in the Nordic countries. By analyzing sustainability and lifestyle from a gender perspective, the project helps to improve the understanding of and opportunities to promote sustainable consumption.

The project has looked into differences in women’s and men’s lifestyles and consumption habits in the Nordic countries and produced a Nordic knowledge review concerning sustainability, lifestyles and consumption from a gender perspective. The report entitled “Climate, Gender and Consumption: A Research Overview of Gender Perspectives on Sustainable Lifestyles”, summarized the current state of international research in seven different areas: Food, Housing and energy, Clothing and consumer goods, Transport, Work and time use, Culture and tourism, and Activism and influence.

The report showed that attitudes and behaviours are influenced by norms and ideals that relate to care and technology, and these areas are often associated with femininity and masculinity, respectively. All in all leading to a greater or lesser impact on the climate. Among other things, the report shows that a caring ideal can be an important key in the green transition.

In addition, the project also produces a knowledge brief with a gender perspective on young people’s involvement in climate issues, on behalf of Youth for Sustainable Living, as well as a knowledge brief on cultural consumption, climate and gender for Sustainable Cultural Experiences in the Nordic Region.

The project is coordinated by NIKK – Nordic Information on Gender, situated in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Jimmy Sand, Analyst at NIKK – Nordic Information on Gender, Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research, University of Gothenburg

Sustainability, lifestyles, and consumption from a gender perspective – NIKK