Opportunities in wood and construction  

The Arkhangelsk region is also known as the "big sawmill". Today, the biggest sawmills and pulp and paper mills in Russia are situated in Arkhangelsk region. The biggest open-air museum for wooden architecture Malye Korely ( is located near Arkhangelsk city. The tradition of wood construction is very old in the region. It is still common to see wooden houses older than 100 years. In 2020 the Arkhangelsk region was declared the pilot region for wooden construction development. However, the industry faces many challenges in scaling up the wood construction industry. For instance, infrastructure in certain districts is insufficient, such as roads, medical service and schools, which is unfavourable for the market of individual houses. At the same time, university education focuses mainly on concrete and stone construction, and therefore, professionals lack the expertise to build in wood. Nevertheless, emerging opportunities exist for using wood as the main construction material. We believe that collaboration with Nordic stakeholders can help companies in Arkhangelsk address some of the challenges and make better use of the existing opportunities.  

Regional contact point

Foundation of Presidential Program Participants in the Arkhangelsk Region 

The Foundation is an NGO established in 1998. The foundation has a long experience with international cooperation across the Arkhangelsk region in Russia and European partners. The Foundation provides the medium for more than 1000 alumni from a management-specific education program. 

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Sergey Rebtsovskiy, Deputy Chairman
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Phone number: +79600107770 

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