Opportunities in wood and construction in the Murmansk region  

What is happening on the market of the Murmansk region? At the beginning of the pandemic, there was an increased demand for suburban houses to rent. All country houses and cottages in the regions were rented out. The demand for land plots and ready-made houses for permanent residence in suburban settlements has grown. The crisis of 2014 provoked an interest in buying apartments as a way of investing money. Instead, with the current crisis, there is an interest in suburban real estate, which has been facilitated by the need for self-isolation and to ensure security. 

Rethinking lifestyle and values affected almost everyone and provoked more attention to the safety and reliability of homes. People realized that they could work remotely and that a country house is safe and good for kids. A wooden house these days is a bay of stability and well-being. Now there is a turning point in the defining priorities:  we are gradually ceasing to set all our energy to global goals and concentrate only on our businesses, we start thinking about ourselves,  our family, health, housing conditions. 

When the pandemic is over, many will not return to their offices. According to preliminary estimates, approximately 10-15% of company employees will work remotely, which implies a further growth in the construction of suburban low-rise buildings. This allows us to look to the future with confidence; the effect of the pandemic will significantly increase the interest of citizens in suburban real estate, and therefore the demand in the construction market. 

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LLC "Razvitie" 

Limited Liability Company "Razvitie" old name «Murmansk Regional Small and Medium Business Support Agency» - is a professional consulting organization founded in 1995 with the assistance of the Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business, Government of  Murmansk region and Administration of Murmansk, and leading consulting organizations in the city of Murmansk . 

The main activities of the "Razvitie"  are consulting support to small and medium-sized enterprises in the city of Murmansk and the Murmansk region, assistance in establishing business relations with Russian and foreign partners.  

Also, the "Razvitie"  has initiated and participated in many international projects and cooperates with many leading international consulting companies, international foundations, government, public and commercial organizations in the countries of the European Union, including TACIS, the Foundation "Know-How" Fund "New Eurasia", NORDEN and others. 

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Ivanova Svetlana Anatolievna  +7-921-663-98-88 

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