LLC "Priroda DOZ"

LLC "Priroda DOZ" is located in the village. Verkhnetulomsky, Kola district, Murmansk region. It is one of the main suppliers of lumber from reliable northern forests to the market. The products of our company have been well known for a long time in Finland, Norway, and many industrial enterprises of Murmansk and the region. 

1994 can be taken as the beginning of the enterprise when it was decided to reorganize the previous one by switching to new technologies for logging, sawmilling and woodworking. The company possesses unique personnel - this is its main asset. 

Logging is carried out using a Scandinavian mechanized logging system using high-tech, powerful equipment - manipulators of harvesters and forwarders. This technology is rightfully considered the most advanced in the European Union, in which felling, crosscutting of wood, stripping of branches occurs on the spot, and then the finished trunks are sent to the woodworking enterprise. 

Assortment logging is carried out in ecologically clean places, untouched by human activities A large number of products are supplied to the Kola Mining and Metallurgical Plant, where they are successfully used in various areas of the enterprise's activities.  

The products of Priroda DOZ LLC have long been well known in Finland, Norway, many industrial enterprises of Murmansk and the Murmansk region, and are widely used in private, low-rise construction. Consumers of our company's products are always pleasantly surprised by the quality of their service, competitive prices. 

Timber produced in our region is denser, more durable, does not lend itself to decay, from which it is possible to build two - three-storey houses without fear of the destruction of the lower rims of the structure 

CEO Dvoryankin Alexander Fedorovich
+ 7-921-725-00-42