LLC "NORD ELEMENT" is a construction company engaged in the production of frame houses in the factory according to Norwegian standards. Thanks to the use of high-quality building materials that comply with EC standards, it successfully exports its products to the Norwegian market and has permanent contracts both in Russia and abroad. 

The company specializes in timber frame housing construction. In this segment, the most important role is played by the quality of building materials and structures, as well as experience in their installation. It is these two simple truths that lie at the heart of how the company works. A catalogue of typical house projects for every taste has been developed, as well as a range of various design solutions: houses, saunas, garages and other objects of individual construction.  

Norway is the main source of the latest construction and technical solutions. There we learn and hone our construction and design skills. The production of wooden structures according to Norwegian standards takes place in the factory. 

Dmitry Borisovich Lozhnikov  
+ 7-911-300-12-31 
Anton Emelyanov,