LLC "Stroy House"

The popularity of the company is due not only to the growing interest of the population in frame houses but also to the attitude of StroyHaus to its business. There are no unimportant objects for the company. The quality of each project is made up of the quality of its parts - this is the fundamental rule. Any project, be it a turnkey frame house or a barbecue area, StroyHaus employees approach with the same responsibility.  

High-performance standards, safe materials, environmental friendliness are the main components of the success of the products offered. In frame houses built by the company, living is not only comfortable but also safe. We work only with verified and certified suppliers of materials, which allows us not only to significantly reduce the price of the final product for the consumer but also to control the safety of all components. 

Glued laminated timber is an energy-saving technology. It is a warm and frost resistant material. The safety of people and our own reputation are immeasurably more important to us than momentary profit. 

Kulikov Nikolay Alexandrovich