On this page, you will find news about project outcomes, events, meetings, and workshops.

Insights from Alytus, Lithuania

Alytus, October 2023

The TANGO-W team has just returned from Alytus, and two days packed full of discussing business models and impact indicators, role playing to identify important competencies. We exchanged good practices and lessons learned during visioning processes and brought home key take-aways for successful urban transformations.

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TANGO-W towards Vision 2050

Norrtälje, April 2023

In April, TANGO-W’s research and city partners gathered in Norrtälje, Sweden for a two-day event that included workshops, panel discussions, and planning sessions. From evaluating cities’ potential for sustainability to exploring new business pathways for commercial exploitation - the face-to-face meeting explored how the project can help increase urban transformative capacities.

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Stian Melhus, October, 2022

On September 28-30, institutional representatives from Austria, Sweden, Norway, and Lithuania met in Norway, Marker and Halden municipalities. In a productive couple of days, we have looked at the strengths and needs of each of the demo-sites. We have investigated how the demo-site leaders can create and implement visions for the future on a local level. External experts involved us in their own work in developing energy communities in Norway, Austria and on a holistic level for the EU. Lastly, we discussed how we could measure the impacts of the different demo-sites.

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